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22 August 2009 @ 11:45 am
Ohh mannn it's been nearly a month since my last post woops!!

i'll try and fill you in with what i remember..

i can't remember anything particularly brilliant from my second week alone, other than i got an inteview for McDonalds!! shame i haven't heard back from them since =/
ohwell, at least i know i can get an interview and they arent tooo bad, just pissed off i didnt get it =( probably over qualified lmao.

I also FINALLY posted off my ID form and stuff last sunday! so hopefully i'll have that for next saturday (my birthday!!!!!) so i can go out =D.
Am missing Lincoln Pride tonight cos i don't have it ='(

I met up with Kei-Kei on monday and we went to the job centre, all they did was give us a form with agency names on and a leaflet about job seekers which i cant get cos you have to have so many national insurance things or whatever >=(

so that was unsuccessful. I'm hoping to apply to primark cos they are supposed to be taking on now..so need to get into town lol.
also supermarkets shall be taking on soon too, so hopefully i can get one. M mum told me to contact the hospital about housekeeping jobs..might do that i guess lol

am tring to drink 2 litres of water a day i dont think i've quite managed it yet, but we're getting there, i've always had a problem with not drinking enough- leading me being taken to the doctors cos my mum was worried lol- so i'm trying to be more "healthy" maybe i'll feel better about myself then.

Should be going to roller derby tomorrow morning with megan, wanna do it!!!

Bleurgh i have stomach ache again ¬_¬, ever since we ate that bloody kedgeree my mum made the other day me and my brothers have all felt ill.
though we think james might have a bad cold (swine flu! run awayyyy)

My parents bought two baby rabbits when they were on holiday, they are mega cute!! Lion mane rabbits i think they're called, they're white and grey and one has blue/grey eyes =O

today i'm supposed to be ringing lincoln uni about getting on their course..but i'm scarrrred i dont like phones lol - maybe thats why i have stomach ache ?


well i'll update later on how it goes.. for now i'm off to read more of absolute boyfriend until i've finished my drink

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hrshindouhrshindou on August 23rd, 2009 10:53 pm (UTC)
we can go on the dole...but i dont know where or how you go about it..so i might lookie on the t'interweb.